Thursday, April 21, 2011

World Sabaki Challenge 2011 results!

Photo by Dan Lockhart

Womens: Klew Williams
Runner up : Thiele Ulrike

Mens Lightweight: Mitsutaka Tsukihara
Runner up : Takeshi Ueda

Mens Middleweight : Anton Bodygin
Runner up : Jason Franklin

Mens Heavyweight: Mike Ninomiya
Runner up : Antoly Polyakov

Man. What a change from last year. No volcano to interfere with flights and overall just a really strong showing. Every fight was amazing and we had at least 5 overtime matches.

The Men's lightweight had won the All Japan Sabaki and he was amazing. Pure amazing technique. He could pull off reversals like no ones business.

The women's division was great and Klew Williams came back this year with a vengence. Strong and good techniques!

Middle Weight mens was tough! There were some Kyokushin guys in there that did pretty good until the Enshin fighters turned their power against them. The winner had a great combination of power and sabaki technique.

The men's heavyweight was a total 180 from last year. We had amazing fights that seemed more like Middle weights. Lots of energy! Antoly beat one guys leg into hamburger but in the end Mike used his mastery of Sabaki to overcome all the contenders.

I got to go to the after party and hang out and chat with everyone. It was a great time and I am looking forward to next year!

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